Floral Maternity Dresses

The warm weather is here, and the flowers are blooming! What else is blooming? Oh yeah, you are! In the spirit of spring, summer, new flowers, and new baby bumps, we bring you a floral maternity dress to keep your maternity style current and cute.

Our maternity boutique always strives to offer the latest fashion, and no one can deny the popularity of floral prints. Just about every gorgeous woman is decked out in flowers these days, from Selena Gomez to Kate Middleton.

As your adorable baby bump grows, so does your wardrobe of maternity clothes. We want to help you stay stylish during your pregnancy, so we’re ready to offer the most contemporary and fashionable maternity dresses on the market. Let’s learn to style a floral pregnancy dress and get your wardrobe in bloom!

Choosing the Right Floral Print

There is no end to the variety of floral designs, so it’s worth putting some thought into selecting a print that flatters your body and complexion. Some prints have small flowers, some have large flowers, others have blooms spaced far apart with vines, and some prints have intricate cluster patterns. 

Flower Size

Keep in mind that large flowers are not recommended for full-figured women because they can add weight to your silhouette. So if you’re in your second or third trimester, it’s best to opt for a floral maternity maxi dress with small flowers.

If you’re more on the petite side or in the early stages of your journey, you can try a floral pregnancy dress with larger blooms. Any woman who is average-sized and not showing yet can experiment with large and small flowers and see what looks best on them.


As far as colors, every floral pregnancy dress will tip towards a certain part of the color chart. It’s best to select the dress according to the background or dominant color of the print and then match your accessories to the other colors on the dress.

If you’re not sure what dress color flatters you, you can check out this helpful guide here. We’ll let you in on some of the perks of our shades:

  • White floral maternity dress - especially good at disguising bulges
  • Blue floral maternity dress- flatters cool skin tones and communicates creativity
  • Pink floral maternity dress - super in and looks ravishing on all moms-to-be 
  • Yellow floral maternity dress -complements both cool and warm complexions

The Best Floral Pregnancy Dress For You

Once you have an idea of which print will look best on you, it’s time to consider the dress style. All of our dresses are comfy and made for modern mommies, though some dresses are more suitable for certain weather and figures. Let’s discuss.

Fitted vs. Long

A fitted floral maternity dress (AKA a bodycon style dress) hugs your curves and fits around your lovely pregnancy bod’ like a glove. This style shows off your baby bump and curvy shape in a seductive fashion while supporting your hips and pelvis.

Because a fitted floral maternity dress doesn’t emphasize a waistline, it’s a very flattering choice for mothers who are carrying low. Keep in mind that the gown fits close to your body, so it can lock in some heat (not too much though; our dresses are made with breathable material that allows for air circulation).

On the flip side, a long floral maternity dress fits loosely, so it helps you stay cool in hot weather. Also known as a floral maternity maxi dress, this floor-length gown gracefully drapes over your baby bump and cinches at the waist. This gives you a beautiful, defined yet fluid silhouette!

A floral maternity maxi dress is segmented, meaning there is a clear waistline above your bump. This fit favors all pregnant bellies, though it’s especially helpful for mothers who are carrying high because it helps separate their bust and bump.

So, if you need a dress to keep you cool on a scorching day, a long floral maternity maxi dress is your best bet. But, if you want to show off your low-set bump and sexy curves, a fitted floral maternity dress is the one for you.

What to Wear With a Floral Maternity Dress

After you find your favorite print and style, it’s time to accessorize! When choosing accessories, it’s safe to stick with solid, subdued colors that match the palette of the floral print. Florals can be fairly “busy” patterns, so too many flashy colors or designs can overwhelm your look.

Unless you want to go for an edgy clash (more on this later), keep your shoes, purses, and jewelry simple. Going with a solid neutral color, or a shade that matches the secondary color on the print, will balance out your look.

Of course, your accessory choice (to clash or not to clash?) depends on the color and style of your dress! Let’s talk how to style each floral gown to perfection.

Styling a Rosy Pink Floral Maternity Dress

A pink floral maternity dress may arguably be the most popular one of them all. Who’s to say! This gown is best paired with the accessories in these colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Silver

We really want to put emphasis on white and pink. A white or pink handbag is a must for this dress! Whatever color you choose, make sure your shoes match for an ultra-adorable look. Nude-toned shoes are also acceptable.

Since the palette of this outfit is cooler, we recommend silver jewelry. A small cuff bracelet looks super chic. Try to keep the neckline in mind when choosing a necklace — a V neck gets a long chain, a crew neck gets a short chain.

If you want to clash it up, adding dark elements to your pink floral maternity dress (like navy leggings or a black hat) can have an intriguing effect. 

Rocking a Blue Floral Maternity Dress

The blue floral maternity dress is a staple of spring fashion. Depending on the shade, it can have a bright, charming appeal or a sexy, seductive (and slimming) effect. This dress goes with:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Light Blue
  • Tan
  • Gold
  • Brown
  • Silver

You can’t go wrong pairing a brown or tan handbag with a blue floral maternity dress. A silver bag can work as well. Wear a matching sun hat, and you look too good!

Your shoes don’t need to match your bag in this case. It’s better to choose shoes in a nude tone or match them to the secondary color on your dress, which is often white. If your dress is a pale blue or turquoise color, silver shoes look absolutely stunning.

The shade of blue should ideally favor your skin tone, so choosing jewelry that also complements your complexion is key. Wear your dress with any metallic pieces that you like, whether that’s gold, silver, or rose gold. Just be sure that the metal plays well with the blue and your natural palette.

Shining in a White Floral Maternity Dress

Our summer favorite! A white floral maternity dress instantly makes a mom-to-be radiate light and beauty — with no effort, we might add! We love this dress with:

  • Pink
  • Tan
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Silver

Do you own any pink or tan purses? Because those are perfect for a white floral maternity dress. You can match your shoes to your bag or clash it up and go with black or the secondary color on your dress.

Dangling, sparkling earrings help your white dress shine even brighter! Silver is definitely the ideal choice because you’re rocking a cool palette. If you have crystals, even better.

Editor’s Choice: Floral Maternity Maxi Dress

Which dress do we love the most? The long floral maternity dress! In yellow, actually.

Nothing beats the graceful flow of a maxi-style maternity dress. But, this is our top pick because of its practicality as well as its beauty.

Seeing as this pattern is the spring and summer go-to, it only makes sense that the dress you wear keeps you comfortable in the sun. A long floral maternity dress offers a relaxed fit that lets air touch your skin, keeping you cool when the temperature rises. This is super duper important when your bump is growing and you’re eating for two!

This might be our favorite floral dress, but there are plenty more to choose from. Our collection is vast and varied, and we hope you’ll find the blooming gown to fit your style. If you’re ever in need of style suggestions or a particular dress, contact us and we’ll be there to help ASAP.